Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Musings on Magic Wands

In simple terms a wand can be described as an energetic tool which may be used to focus intent subtle energy to invite change in you, in others and in the environment. A tool of intent.

By today’s beliefs and standards you may be surprised to know that wands have been used in many cultures throughout history.  These and other vibrational tools were extensively used in the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, then filtered down to many of the cultures of Africa and Europe.  In fact their legacy can still be seen as a position of authority even in today’s modern society; for example staffs, crooks and sceptres are usually wielded by church leaders and heads of state.

Perhaps surprising to some, in our ‘modern day’ society, an interest is rekindling in energy work.  We now even see some doctors beginning to recommend energy healing in certain modalities.  Shamanism is appearing in works of art and healing also, so it is not so unexpected to see that wands are also finding their reappearance into our society.

Some History 
Hand carved wand made by my husband.
Interestingly, most of us would believe that wands come from folk lore stories and myths, however artefacts have been found in Egypt to show that wands have been around for a very long time.  These wands which date back to 2800BC, were shaped in a semi-circle and carved with mystical creatures.  Since these objects were found in birthing rooms, it is understood that they were used to protect the mother and child during childbirth.  The first forms of these wands which were found, were thought to be a weapon or throwing stick to kill small animals. The curved stick moved from a practical use to a magical use symbolizing order over chaos.  Another intriguing Egyptian detail is the “Wands of Horus” The statues of the pharaohs are all clasping cylinder-like objects in their hands.  For the priests and pharaohs of ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus were a tool for ‘attainment’. They were also believed to provide balance and guidance into the afterlife.

For me, the most familiar wand would look like a straight or twisted stick, and these come from the northern countries; The Celts, The Fermans, Norse, ext.  So it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that linguistic research of “cel” in Celts and “ger” in German actually translate into the word ‘wand’.  The history of the Celts and Druids go back at least 500BC, however it goes without saying that this could go back a lot further than that. To become a Druid meant becoming a Judge, counsellor, mediator, healer and knowing the works of a shaman.  Having a respectful relationship with nature, the druids made wands from a tree which especially contained the properties for the purpose for which the wand was made.  The dryad was the spirit of the tree, when a limb falls or is pruned from the tree it, it is believed that the dryad spirit remains with the wood.
However things where not to stay the same and as Christianity took hold in the northern part of the world, the association with the Druid was considered that of ‘evil’.  This negative propaganda changed the understanding of wands into a tool to be feared!  This naturally encouraged the art to be done in private until the the old stories started to disappear.

As the circle of belief and understand returns again, we are beginning to realise that the wand is just an extension of the user and has no ability of its own without intention.  In other words; there is no magic without you.  Knowing how to use the wand to direct energy and intent, is an important lesson of the human being.  understanding the metaphysical qualities of the woods, metals, crystals, gems and other materials used in today’s wands only helps us to more focus our intentions and spin magic. Wands and it’s cousins are also a connection to the Tree of Life, the origins of existence. They are the rawness of God / Source, nature, and the elements available for your life’s journey.

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